Bring Superb Stories to Your App

Storyly is the only user engagement platform that brings stories to your mobile app. You can integrate into your app easily, create stories for your users and track results.

Visualize Your Content

Create bite-sized, structured and immersive stories to capture your users’ attention. Build interest with a brand new, yet familiar experience.

Automate your content creation

Turn your product sources and feeds into story contents by using ready-made engaging and intuitive Storyly templates.

Interact with your users

Engage your users by asking them questions, conducting polls, getting them to rate a product or creating countdowns for promotions. Gather these valuable insights on our intuitive dashboard.

Analyze your content performances

Gather key metrics such as view time, CTR, impression, frequency, average time spent per story to evaluate the traction of your stories and optimize your content accordingly.

Deliver personalized experiences

Tailor your stories to your users’ behaviors with personalized offerings and recommendations and build strong relationships.

Boost in-app conversion

Implement CTA buttons to your stories to enhance your customer journey and instigate users to complete the core action you are aiming for.

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