Intercept mobile ad fraud.
Keep fraudulent installs out, let valuable users in.
Optimize your ad spend and protect your data.

We’re your smartest defense to shield and protect your marketing budget.
Make your investment more efficient and impactful by ensuring you are getting real users.
Interceptd is your best approach to increase your overall profitability.

Monitor your mobile ad campaigns and identify the best channels.

Make the most of your ad budget and gain peace of mind as Interceptd blocks fraudulent or low-quality sources. You can track all of your sources with clear post-install performance indicators.

Protect your marketing data.

Stop allocating huge budgets to the wrong channels as a result of inaccurate and/or biased analyses of inadequate platforms. Interceptd provides you complete, transparent, and independent analyses to create your marketing strategy through accurate, real-time, and machine learning-backed data.

Increases your profitability with better ROAS.

Expect greater returns on your ad spend when you acquire new users from incremental sources with the strict quality filters offered by Intercepted. Combined with transparency, this helps you go further and grow faster.

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