Data Scientist


We are in search of our next Product Data Scientist to work at our Ankara Office.

A data scientist is the

  1. A wizard of truth
  2. A mighty enforcer of the justice
  3. A data artist with impressionist tendencies

We are a product company. Everything we do is about creating a product that delights our customers with ease of use and helps them gain competitive edge in mobile media and advertising through our technology.

As a data scientist, your day to day quest involves uncovering insights from customer behavior, fight with advertising fraud with smarter and faster algorithms to enforce justice, and creating portals of truth by visualizing data to help everyone understand what is really happening,

We release daily, meaning whatever you do gets deployed fast and you get results fast.

Your analysis, anti-fraud algorithms and insights are important for App Samurai’s strategy and global success in mobile media and advertising world. Everything you do helps people who develop apps and games get a voice and promote their work securely.

You work side-by-side with a select team of developers, forensic mobile media auditors, product managers and customer success experts to drive global product success

You crunch numbers, conquer terabytes of data and translate statistical query languages to a language so that everyone understands what to do.

Who you are:

  • You have demonstrated how your analytical, statistical, mathematical and development skills helped to create a better product
  • A degree in science, computer science, statistics, economics, mathematics, or similar quantitative discipline is expected but not required given you got the above condition covered
  • You are experienced in working with structured and unstructured datasets generating predictive models
  • You communicate in terms of business outcomes, enthusiastically and articulately.
  • You have open mind to being questioned about your algorithms or analytical choices
  • You understand why a good solution today is better than a perfect solution later
  • You are proficient and hands on with SQL, Python, Pandas, Scikitlearn, Numpy, IPython, preferably Tensorflow, Pytorch
  • You may not be Picasso but you understand the purpose of data visualization with tools such as Tableau, Seaborn, Plotly, or Matplotlib

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