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January 2016

App Samurai Inc. founded.

App Samurai is founded by a team who has a deep knowledge on mobile advertising in San Francisco.

June 2016

App Samurai is launched.

It was time to avoid human touch in mobile advertising to make the ideal optimizations and to get the best out of app promotion efforts. Time to make app owners feel they finally get rid of all the chaos among hundreds of ad networks and find their success partner. This is why we built the smartest mobile advertising platform and called it App Samurai.

As a leading mobile advertising platform, App Samurai’s aim is pioneering a global movement in mobile advertising industry with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm.

January 2017

App Samurai joined Techstars Berlin 2017!

As a company who adopts "give-first" strategy in every single product we launched, it was valuable for us to be part of Techstars Berlin. As Techstars highlights, we believe that we can Do More Faster to be our audiences' most trusted partner. This is why we believe that we are on the right track with Techstars Berlin!

July 2017

App Samurai Raises $1M in Seed Funding

The round was led by ACT Venture Partners with participation from 500 Istanbul and angels Erdem Yurdanur and Tarkan Onar.

January 2018

App Samurai raises €1M!

App Samurai raises €1M from ACT Ventures, an early-stage deep-tech Venture Capital fund manager.

July 2018

Gripati joined App Samurai.

In order to address and enrich our customers’ needs, we do not only continue to improve our current products but also we are developing brand new ones to join the family with a strong enthusiasm.

To take a step into the future, we have incorporated Gripati into our structure.

September 2018

App Samurai Inc. launched Interceptd.

Interceptd has launched as the most comprehensive mobile ad fraud detection and prevention tool that lets advertisers identify the best channels to spend their money, shield and protect their marketing data, and increase the profitability of their app with better ROAS.

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